The world is changing.

It’s time to

evolve. change. innovate.

The world is changing.

Optimize Your Business for

Happiness. Values. The Future.

We are Mowgli.

We empower visionary brands to change the world one customer at a time.

Mowgli is a globally-distributed boutique agency that helps value-centered enterprises understand, plan and execute business transformation.
As a collective of Y-Generation digital nomad entrepreneurs, we started Mowgli at a co-working space in the jungles of Bali with one goal:
to help enterprises embrace the dramatic change the world is witnessing, and leverage it to drive business success and personal happiness.


Strategy & Planning

Market Research
Understanding The Business
Business Model Optimisation
Omnichannel Marketing Strategy

Technology & Development

Website Development
Content Management Systems
E-Commerce Solutions
User Management Tools

Training & coaching

Corporate Coaching Programs
Teambuilding Workshops
Smart Enterprise Training
Lean Enterprise Retreats

Creativity & Design

Creative Concepting
Visual Brand Identity
Website Design

Marketing & Advertising

Digital Marketing Consulting
Online Advertising Campaigns
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Marketing

Time to Evolve

We are on the brink of a historical transformation in how people and organizations behave.

We share instead of owning.
We consume experiences instead of products.
We seek fulfilment in our job instead of stability.
We demand that our products be authentic and their producers transparent.

In the face of an evolving paradigm of capitalism, work has clearly taken a sharp turn toward autonomy, decentralization and meaning.

How can you make these trends work for your business and not against it?

The Mowgli way

The Mowgli approach stems form our analysis of the current evolution of the markets, which today demand a fresh approach to communication.
The Mowgli way hinges on three pillars: 



The consumer doesn’t think in terms of channels, so we shouldn’t either. We work to immerse our client in seamless omni-channel experiences where every touchpoint contributes to an overall delightful experience.



The time of advertising as manipulation is over. The internet has radically re-balanced communication and empowered the ever more demanding consumer. We help brands to embrace transparency, ethical communication and authentic storytelling.



Remote working, lean project management, flat hierarchy. Companies have realized that happy employees are productive employees, and the development in organizational design and online platforms enables us to leverage the intrinsic motivation in each employee to build awesome products.

Our team

“People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”

Our team has accumulated years of marketing experience with wide ranging clients, from small businesses to multinational.
Due to strict non-disclosure agreements, we are not allowed to display our portfolio here.
If you are interested in seeing some of the exciting work we do, don’t hesitate to write us!

cristian barbarino mowgli creative director coach

Cristian Barbarino

Creative Director, Coach

Gianpaolo Faccini

IT Project Manager, Webdesigner

Jonathan Michael Kahan

Strategist, Product Manager

Alessandra Migliavacca

Brand & Communication Specialist

Olivia Terragni

SEO Manager

Hanny Kusumawati

Senior Copy Writer

Daniele Besana

Software Developer

Alessio Cerruti

Video Maker

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